Address:1038 Nanjing Rd.(W)
Business Hours10:00-22:00


Location :L4-409

Since 1976... Born in Taipei, "long flute LONDEE", the first store located in Longjiang, Taipei road". Ms. tsaimong-hsia founder conceived with art of dress resounding enthusiasm, to the old custom modified vests the shortcomings of modified, and bold created the cheongsam open zipper, so dress to wear off easily, then the cheongsam has a historic progress. 

Liu Xuanhao Shanghai Longdi general manager as the operator of the second generation of the lung flute to Oriental cultural value through the day - to - people, foresee the advent of the era of brand Oriental, the brand does not simply the pursuit of western fashion, Chinese blood rich humanistic quality is the idea of the source. 

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