Address:1038 Nanjing Rd.(W)
Business Hours10:00-22:00


Location :L3-321-323&325

CITY ENGINE is rooted in THE world's largest electronic products trading center,THE Oriental silicon valley of shenzhen, upIs the result of the world's largest electronicproducts trading production research and development market huaqiang north.The team has a good internationalization operation, hatchInvestment, product releaseexperience and intelligent hardware, software development, and customer serviceexperience and resources.CITY ENGINE with THE United States, Israel, Japan and otherhigh-tech areas in silicon valley, and domestic numerous business machineStructurehas a close cooperation, and form a strategic partnership for common development.In unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), robotics, virtual reality,Intelligent hardware andconsumption upgrade, CITY ENGINEscience and technology museum has manywell-known enterprises at home and abroadMature products.

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